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Our harmonious love for music, graphics, the internet and learning spurred us to develop . was derived from the skills of high school, college students and mentors. There have been and will be many learning opportunities and we are approaching I with enthusiasm. Every aspect of this website has taught us something, from the recording music, to building a professional, easy-to-use website. We also learned how create exciting visuals and began to understand internet marketing basics. The beauty of learning is that it is an ongoing process, and as time goes the more there is to learn. Our dedication and excitement to stay constant in what we believe in, provides promise that will continue to grow, the quality advance, and the music thrive. Inspired by a quote on a coaster, “if music be the gift of love, play on,” we are excited and determined to let high-quality, royalty free music be available to all, for free. This is our way of saying thank you to that special feeling we get from music. Thanks for enjoying

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