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I was born in 1991 in the Fontana area of L.A.  I lived there for eight years, but I don’t remember very much except for some very strange childhood memories.  In 1999, I moved to the small town of Auburn, California.  I started playing music my freshman year when I was inspired by the Beatles to learn guitar.  I quickly found that music is something that comes easily to me, and by my sophomore year in high school I could play guitar, bass, piano and drums.  I joined the fantasy hair-metal band the Iron Eagles on the bass, with my good friend Nick.  We played some cool shows, but eventually broke up.  Nick and I then went through a series of jams, trying to find the right chemistry for another band.  Eventually we formed Trilogy, another hair-metal band, and after that Smoke N’ Sleaze.  I grew a lot from these bands, and played a lot of awesome shows, crowd-surfing, being a target for lingerie being thrown on stage, and smashing a few guitars in the process.  I also discovered the power of true love my junior year, and was inspired by the nameless beauty that only comes from two souls becoming one to start writing my own music.  This is the basis for Free Royalty Free, and I hope you enjoy my songs.

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